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TooMuchTV Inc. is an internet broadcasting company that produces original movies, sitcoms, and educational programs.

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The TMT Youth Community Foundation provides services and programs to "inner city at risk youth" . Youth can attend an array of summer camps, after-school programs, and workshops where they learn video production, web design, and business.

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The TMT Youth Community Foundation identifies 12 local community organizations and or businesses to partner with on an annual basis to create win-win financial and fundraising opportunities.

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Our foundation provides scholarships to program participants, jobs for "at risk youth", and program support to other non-profits in our network.

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Our mission: To Train Tomorrow's Leaders Today

The TMT Youth Community Foundation operates to empower "at risk" children. The primary focus of this organization is to provide disadvantaged youth with jobs.

The TMT Youth Community Foundation was established in 2002 and is a private non-profit foundation that focuses on accessing, developing, and growing the talents of the youth enrolled in our organization.
Our Mandate: to improve the social-economical status of children living in deprived economic conditions

our mandate is achieved by offering youth employment and by developing marketable job skills of the youth entering the program